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C-WILL121 RAW BIRTH Issue 2 bigger.jpg

The  Story

All of this comic animation is scripted, Story Boarded, Produced and Idea'd BY - C-WILL121  for  MAEWI ENTERTAINMENT ©®™ 2019 All international & national rights reserved forever.

The Creation of C-WILL121 & His Crew, ...

GALAGREE his planet (in the 77th Galaxy), & his gift from the "RHYTHM OF LIGHT"  - "N.V.M. Galatic"  The Space Ship Colossal, is all a part of the journey of  the positive journey

C-WILL121 takes across galaxies, being a frequent visitor of Earth, his favorite planet outside of his own.

Here we see our NEW VIBE MUSIC  character

C-WILL121 Being Born from LIGHT AND SOUND and quickly shot down to his new planet "GALAGREE "  to get familiar with his surroundings and right away he does, ... As you see in this view from this box video pic below or the  link here, please press it.  , ... 
However after his getting familiar with his surroundings, and starting to view life on his planet, Please SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS TO SEE MORE ADVENTURES. 😆✌🏽🌎

BUTTER SKIN  song by C-WILL121
All Music, Vocals, Mixed and Mastered by C-WILL121 
C-WILL121 planet Galagree Landing.jpg
Music Hero Issue 1 bigger pic.jpg

The  Story

Of Course Our MUSIC HERO

C-WILL121 had not spent 4 days on Planet Galagree before he was alerted by the "RHYTHM OF LIGHT" for his 1st adventure on his favorite planet (outside of his own), EARTH, where he was needed desperately by a young lady in distress. A GROUP of punks tried to harass this woman but C-WILL121 and his crew made it there on time.

"OF COURSE" New Vibe Music Artist  C-WILL121 was inspired by helping this lady and quickly returned to his lab named "GREE BASE" on Planet Galagree, after saving this lady, and wrote an inspired song called "HOLD ON HOLD ON" which you can hear here.
JUST PRESS Play button in the middle of the picture box Below this post or THIS LINK and Let your own adventure start.


HOLD ON, HOLD ON song by C-WILL121
all Vocals & Music, Mixed and Mastered by C-WILL121.
C-WILL121 landing for social sites.jpg
Music Hero RAW BIRTH issue#2b bigger.jpg

The  Story

There is nothing like knowing you've just saved the day through music as C-WILL121 walks around his planet Galagree preparing for his summoned feeling he gets, when the "RHYTHM OF LIGHT"
talks to him through the sounds on the planet, as it repairs his space pod "EPICOIORY" and has finished building his colossus leading space ship called N.V.M. GALATIC (as you see in this poster comic animations here).

C-WILL121 walks and ponders his next moves and also hears a song that completely inspires him that the "RHYTHM OF LIGHT" plays all over the planet GALAGREE for him and his crew to hear while they familiar themselves around the planet.

LISTEN TO THAT SONG HERE, as it gives our character strength each time it's played, so play it loud and over and over,....Just click onto the video box play button, or this link to hear and see.



All Music & Vocals, Mixed and Mastered by C-WILL121 

The  Story

C-WILL121 is now getting familiar with his colossal space ship called  "N.V.M. GALATIC" ... 

with his crew "CYBERBOT 1"   and   "CLONE 1"   he is very satisfied about his flight to other planets and galaxies where he explores saving life through music. ONE GALAXY NOTE AT A TIME.

C-WILL121 Space City Galagree 3.jpg
Maewi Ent_edited.jpg
Music Hero Readiness Issue 3 bigger pic.

AS C-WILL121 fly's to his new adventures awaiting him  ... 

ENJOY THE LIVE VIBES HERE ... CLICK play button in the middle of the box.

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