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original creator of 
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Since 2002
"The Thing I love about your music work is, you have no fingerprint,"...
"NEW VIBE MUSIC" is a Sound & Style, and you make that work commercially for a mass audience listening in your sound."  

  "Rafe Gomez" of major FM radio stations, 101.9FM New York City.  98.7 kiss FM., WBLS FM & Power 105.FM

There is a lot to say, as the journey is still being made, but let's just say, now the original creator, (since 2002), of his own "NEW VIBE MUSIC," artist "C-WILL121," started as a touring prodigy drummer that started recording in studios in New York at the age of 7 years young and by 16 years young, he was the house drummer for "DEF-JAMS" music label, playing on tour for Donald Newkirk (producer of De La Soul), Keith Sweat, Black Flames, LL Cool J.
C-WILL121 played drums on the Legendary Album "RAISING HELL" from Hip Hop Legends, RUN-DMC & JAM MASTER JAY, song "PERFECTION," of which this album has now been inducted in the USA's LIBRARY OF CONGRESSES HALL OF FAME for one of THE GREATEST Hip-Hop ALBUMS OF ALL TIME, and also for the biggest Pop music acts, Hip Hop/rappers, Rock legends, World music & Jazz legends as he was growing up in "HOLLIS QUEENS" New York to Moving Into Manhattan NYC. 
Performing drums on the late night shows on major networks NBC, ABC & CBS in the USA, as well as opening for "Major Music Artist "Earth Wind & Fire," "Prince," "Dianna Ross,""Marianne Faithful," "Kenny Garett,"  (to name a few). C-WILL121 has worked with legend artist inside their production companies such as Isaac Hayes, and Marianne Faithful, Carl Thomas from Waner Bros., as well as C-WILL121 has handled everything from managing music groups, music solo artist, to working inside record labels - Co-Writing songs that have charted (For Example Exile Records song "Aah Aah Yeah Yeah" from Music artist "REESE)," as well as giving master classes, whether in Colleges across the USA or Public High Schools, on music production, giving seminars on a career in music to also teaching music classes privately, and in elementary to college's across the world.
C-WILL121 started his label, "MAEWI RECORDS," (an American-French) company, which is now "MAEWI DIGITAL" with 7 albums he wrote and produced alone, (collaborated producing & production in the 1st album STORYTELLER with Burny Pelsmajor & 2nd album OPEN DOORS with Mark Unthank aka "COOL NERD"). Two of his 6 albums charted on Billboard internationally and hit in the top 100, the albums "Storyteller," and "Frustrated," which were also performed on "Major Radio Stations" (Before Internet Radio, & then during Internet Radio Stations), in the USA, as C-WILL121 was the 1st music artist to be played on such radio stations across the USA without having a major deal, however still being independent and owning his own label and entertainment company. He now has his 7th album called "MUSIC HERO" released world wide only here, and finally has his other works online here (THE MUSIC CATALOGUE). You also need to know that this 7th album has had 5 Single's released for only radio play and already 2 of those songs have charted on major FM radio stations in Europe from the U.K. to parts of Germany, France Italy and Sweden. These singles are still being played as you read this internationally on radio, just check out his "Instagram" page to give you more information there on that & "facebook" music page here on this site's direct link to put you there. Single Songs are "CHANGE YOUR MIND," "YOUR PORTAL,"STUCK," "DREAMING IS TRUE," and now "BUTTER SKIN"
SPECTACULAR  "SPACE ODYSSEY" Show is also his newest project, where he concepts, composes, arranges and directs this full spectacular for general audiences. (Please go to the MUSIC HERO SPECTACULAR website for more info on up coming shows).
Music Movie Shorts, or Official Music Videos, "DREAMING IS TRUE," "LETS SEE STARS," "FREAK SHOW," "LIGHT SONIC SPIRIT," "HOLD ON, HOLD ON," STUCK," and "BUTTER SKIN" are out, (which you can see here), so keep checking back here for updates on everything.

TOP LIFE ... to all of you coming through.

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"With C-WIll121, I always keep wanting to hear more from him sooner, but he truly is a music artist, in the way he also works, bringing something fresh and new to us, so like all of his supporters, I wait, but with anxiety. 

- Linda Shine, MUSIC OF LIFE magazine

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