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Stay With You (stream)C-WILL121
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SINCE EVERYDAY IS LOVE DAY WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE, Or Secretly Admire, Please GIVE THEM THIS SONG as a GIFT since it's your song for free. 
A FREE DOWNLOAD "MISSING YOU" song by C-WILL121 for Maewi Entertainment and Nextchela music Sesac, Co-written by DAVIA, ...
(Mixed and Mastered for you by C-WILL121 at Galagree Studio).

All instrumentation and vocals by C-WILL121, except the woman vocals by DAVIA.
TOP LIFE ... to you.


7th Album MUSIC HERO ready for you to receive it and enjoy the sounds of the NEW VIBE MUSIC  Positive Music that
C-WILL121 talks and speaks through in his own styled sound for your ears, mind and soul. This album has something for everyone, as C-WILL121 is often told by many and his Moto is, "EVEN IF you don't like the style of music it is, "You'll like this music regardless," and so far so Great as far as the mass loves it, so, PLEASE PURCHASE The SINGLES from this 4 part album above and enjoy.
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7th Music Work entitled "MUSIC HERO"  3rd music work under TOP LIFE (theme).
MUSIC HERO is the 7th Music Album that's a 4 Part set of album/with 2 disc's,  (or  1 USB key of  4 parts of music), under the Titles "TOP LIFE/MUSIC HERO, MUSIC HERO (2nd Adventure), & MUSIC HERO (Under Water, Beyond Skies, Your Words)
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6th Music Work called TOP LIFE E.P. Part II. Clone 1  Being given energy from the RHYTHM OF LIGHT to now take action from the Universe & to Find C-WILL who is stilll an idea of RE-BIRTH at this time, but can only be heard through song and music sounds. PLEASE PURCHASE THIS ALBUM from PAYPAL , as this album is the LIFE of CLONE 1 who is the first born character in  MUSIC HERO's story, *((Via the show, where you see this character))*, this album is great. Thank You  so much in advance for your support of this Modern Day MUSIC HERO C-WILL121. TOP LIFE to you.
5th Album TOP LIFE E.P. Part 1 *(Would become the THEME C-WiLL121 would live through inside his music & life-style), with
Clone 1 Being Born on this cover from the RHYTHM OF LIGHT - an entity that re-births C-WiLL to C-WILL121. PLEASE PURCHASE This album Through 
PayPal Now, as TOP LIFE PART 1 is the start of the "MUSICH HERO" movement. Thank you in advance for your support of this independent New Vibe Music Artist C-WILL121. TOP LIFE to you.
Press Button to see Music Movie Short to  "TOP LIFE"  song
Press Button to see Music Movie Short to Lets  "See Stars"  song
 4th Album That song "MY BLUES SHOES" & "RAW" Charted on Major FM Radio in 2006 in BillBoard Top 100,  and as an indent music artist, was the 1st to belayed on hip-hop stations and r&b pop stations at the same time as well as contemporary jazz was there also and being played in major FM stations as C-WILL was  / and still is, an independent Music Artist. PLEASE PURCHASE THIS ALBUM Now, through PAYPAL only. Thank you for your support in advance. TOP LIFE to you.
3rd  REALITY saw music history being made as it was in the peak of festivals over seas in Europe and Maewi entertainment scored deals with hit radio stations for regular play on some songs here, FRANCE, U.k., and Germany, so, PLEASE PURCHASE THIS ALBUM from PAYPAL , as this album is the LIFE of CLONE 1 who is the first born character in  MUSIC HERO's story, *((Via the show, where you see this character))*, this album is great. Thank you in Advance for your support. TOP LIFE to you.
2nd  Album "OPEN DOORS"  Had less of a chance to be marketed by C-WILL121 because of his promotion tours and festivals he did for this album and the 1st one before called  "Storyteller." The live shows combined the 2 albums and of course C-WILL121 (called Courtney Williams on these 2 albums), opened up for Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, did festivals such as Boo Boo's in
St. Barths and other caribbean islands still establishing NEW VIBE MUSIC as a sound and style, ....
"Future Soul Hip Hop" (traces of Funk, Rock, Latin, r&b, with great ballad arrangements he created, arranged composed and produced), PLEASE Purchase THIS ALBUM now, it will be a collector's Item as when ever you see him perform.
1st Album "Storyteller "  Charted the Contemporary Jazz &  Charts & DMX Programed Radio, Cable Stations & over 77 Airlines International and inside  inflight Entertainment for radio aboard the aircraft 2004. Courtney Williams
(AkA C-WILL121) Impressed the industry with this album as he received a call from "Clive  Davis" as to how his album would be marketed as he enjoyed the fact for a contemporary jazz album it already had a mass appeal sound, and was Pop 
Savvy, also mentioning he could also hear the natural sound of New York City in the sound. So, thank you for reading this, and PLEASE PURCHASE THIS HISTORICAL ALBUM that sets the standard for now ( C-WILL121), on PAYPAL only for now. Thanks for your support and ... TOP LIFE to you, please also keep checking in here, new post all the time.

     Top Life Documentary Part 1    *****(Storyteller 1st Album)***** 

     Top Life Documentary Part 2    *****(Storyteller 1st Album)***** 

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